The New Book from Robin Marty and Jessica Mason Pieklo

Since The Book Was Printed

Although we tried to keep the book as up to date as possible, writers have deadlines and legislators and courts, sadly, do not. Here is what has happened in the chapters we covered since the book went to print.

After two years of seeking clarity on the new restrictions, Planned Parenthood began offering medication abortions once more in the state of Wisconsin, but continues to seek a court review over the legality of the bill. (link)

Ohio has yet to introduce a Heartbeat Ban, despite pressure from their state activists. However, North Dakota has passed an identical bill and it is just as likely to end up in litigation. (link)


Jennie Linn McCormack and Richard Hern's challenge to the Idaho fetal pain ban succeeded and the Ninth district ruled it unconstitutional, opening a potential avenue for appeal to the Supreme Court. (link)


Bei Bei Shuai's trial has been delayed after the autopsy report was declared inadmissible, as the County Attorney seeks a new way to continue to try her for murder or feticide. (link)


Responding to Planned Parenthood's actions to cease blocking the 72 hour wait portion of the mandatory crisis pregnancy center counseling law, the South Dakota legislature proposed a new 72 hour waiting period that would not include weekends or holidays, leaving a woman waiting as much as a week between her initial appointment and an abortion. (link)


The Mississippi Department of Health scheduled the first hearing to close Jackson Women's Health Organization for April 18, 2013, but federal courts once more blocked the state's attempt to close the clinic down. (link)


The Kansas massive bill to kill every potential "taxpayer funded" abortion loophole ever returned to the state legislature for another pass, and this year it succeeded (link)