The New Book from Robin Marty and Jessica Mason Pieklo

Robin Marty is the Senior Political Reporter for RH Reality Check, an online

reproductive news website. A freelance writer and editor, Robin has spent the last three

years tracking state restrictions on reproductive health care rights.

Robin’s political, women’s rights and reproductive articles and personal writings have appeared at Ms. Magazine, Truth Out, Alternet, BlogHer and Care2, and she has presented at trainings and panels for National Conference for Media Reform, Netroots Nation and NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota, NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota and Law Students for Reproductive Justice.

Jessica Mason Pieklo, Senior Legal Analyst for RH RealityCheck, is an attorney, adjunct

professor of law, and the former Assistant Director for the Health Law Institute at

Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota. A freelance writer, Jessica

covers constitutional law and women's rights at and her writing on law and

politics has appeared in Ms. Magazine, RH Reality Check, Alternet, The Washington

Times, and Raw Story.

Before becoming a writer and a professor, Jessica spent six years

litigating medical malpractice and corporate fraud cases. She frequently appears on the

MOMocrats MOMochat as a legal affairs analysis and commentator.


Talks and Trainings

Pieklo and Marty can speak on local and state laws and trends in

reproductive access legislation, the anti-choice movement’s usage of civil rights framing

as an assault on women’s reproductive rights and how to win back the language, and how

to transform passion for women’s rights into action online via numerous social media